Spotted locally in Niagara Falls, Ontario: Two Metasequoia with a Ginkgo in the backdrop.
The wise old tree

Many years ago sitting under a tree left me sad
It was a cold winter day and chickadees were abundant
The truth being life lessons were about to happen
Only in this aura could your senses be heard
The wise old tree had spoken
What to do with this knowledge was yet to be seen
Protect me from you and I will show you the way
Was the first song he sang on that cold sad day
What did that mean to a very young teen
That is soon to be seen
The boy left the tree and the chickadee was never to be seen
The thought to save the tree was now a plan and a dream
But builders and planners surrounded the scene
The boy built a sign around the wise old tree
It said Trees seem to tell us why we are here
Some people listen but most don’t hear
Chickadees became abundant
The crowd dispersed
The old tree I was under just shed a tear
Never be sad when an old tree is near 


By Ken Begg
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